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Writing is a unique journey through many stages. From novice writers to professionals, there are resources and tools that help make the experience more worthwhile.

Below is a list of resources I have used extensively and books that have been a significant help in my freelance and fiction journey. Some links are affiliates for which I receive a small percentage if you make a purchase at no extra cost to you. Others are direct links to the source. I hope you find these resources as useful as I have.

Writing Software & Creative Tools

  • Adobe's Creative Cloud - This suite of software is packed full of resources for writers, designers, and indie publishers
  • Book Design Templates - Access a variety of templates to self-publish your writing.
  • ProWritingAid - To learn more about this tool, check out The Benefits of ProWritingAid in Storius Magazine.
  • Publisher Rocket - Every author should use this tool before self-publishing on Amazon. Not only does it identify the most relevant niches for your work, but it also helps you pinpoint the best keywords and view similar author's earnings.  
  • Scrivener - This tool helped me write two novels in less than two years. Learn more.
  • Query Tracker - An excellent database tool for tracking your agent and publisher submissions. A free version is available, but at $25/year, you can save your favorites and monitor your queries. As a bonus, you can read comments from other writers to see which agents are responsive and their current acceptance rate.
  • Verve Hosting - A great site for reseller hosting, an ideal solution for niche website creators. Read more about the benefits of reseller hosting.

Books on Writing

Websites on Writing

  • The Creative Penn - A great website for new writers and anyone interested in self-publishing.
  • Hand Hobbies: A Resource Guide to Writing Basics - This website covers the many facets of writing, from inspiration and outlining to editing
  • Medium - A wonderful resource for writing and business information. You can read a certain number of articles per month for free. To have full access and support other writers within the community, sign up for an annual membership.
  • This-Writers-Life - Offers informative articles on the writing life, including tips for freelancers.
  • Quora - Here you can post questions and share your experience with other writers.

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